Rachel Uchitel (whom you may know better as Mistress Number One in the Tiger Woods scandal, or that chick with whom 'Bones' star David Boreanaz had a marriage-saving affair) and her husband of just two years, Matt Hahn, are filing for divorce -- and boy, is it gonna be messy.

According to TMZ, Hahn, an insurance executive, cited "cruel and inhumane treatment" as the reason for his split from Uchitel, who supplements the hush money Woods gave her by working as a San Francisco party planner.

Sources close to the couple are telling multiple stories of a troubled marriage, including that the couple often had violent verbal arguments in which Hahn called his wife names and she retaliated by slapping him. Eek.

Although she never filed charges, Uchitel even called the cops on May 16 for help to get Hahn out of their marital home following a nasty argument.

Insiders say now that they've split up, we should expect a bitter custody battle over their 1-year-old daughter, Wyatt. A source close to the hubbub says Uchitel thinks the entire divorce is solely for publicity, and that if you Google her hubby's lawyer, you'll find that he once appeared on 'Millionaire Matchmaker.'

“The lawyer obviously told Matt to beef this up to get sympathy and hope a judge would give him custody I’m assuming,” the source sneered of Hahn's motives behind that "cruel and inhumane treatment" charge.

As for the 911 call, the source explained, “[Rachel] has said that [Matt] shoved her when she had Wyatt in her arms. She did slap him after he called her names but that’s hardly cruel or inhumane. Rachel doesn’t beat people up. It’s absurd.”

Meanwhile, Uchitel is painting a better picture of herself in the press, announcing via her team that she plans to stay out of the drama.

"It is Ms. Uchitel's goal to resolve this action amicably, quickly and quietly and not in the media," a rep told Us Weekly of the divorce. "No further details of the action are being released at this time by Ms. Uchitel."