Apparently Madonna's warranty as bestie has expired, leading Gwyneth Paltrow to trade her in for a younger, prettier model.

And why was Madge was kicked to the curb like last season's thigh-high boots? Because Gwynnie wants someone she can control nurture.

A source said that the friendship between two blonde A-listers with a penchant for manufacturing faux British accents became unsustainable since it was always about "me me me" for Madge.

"Everything always revolved around Madonna," the insider said. "She is finally done."

But Paltrow -- who knows a little something about pretentious self-absorption -- won't be BFF-less for long. She's reportedly replaced Madonna with Cameron Diaz, who is 14 years younger than the Material Girl. And far more pliable.

Citing Gwynnie's need to nurture, the source said that Diaz "is bummed about being single, so Gwyneth sees her as a project."

So now you know: Condescension is the basis of all good celebrity friendships.

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