Even though he's mostly almost sort of famous for at one point being married to Jessica Simpson, apparently Nick Lachey is an expert on how to be in a successful boy band.

Because, you know, he was in that one that wasn't N'SYNC or the Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block or O-Town or Dreamstreet. And now they're reuniting to compete against the likes of One Direction and the Wanted.

Oh, and speaking of One Direction, Lachey has a bit of advice on how they can stay relevant. (Is this one of those "do as I say, not as I do" things?)

While Lachey's 98 Degrees bandmate Jeff Timmons offered sincere wisdom like, "Surround yourselves with good people; enjoy the ride," the divorced, re-married, erstwhile 'Newlyweds' star and new dad offered something else.

"Stay away from Taylor Swift! She'll write a song about you!" (Obviously, he's referencing Swift's boy band ex-boyfriends Harry Styles and Joe Jonas.)

"Oh! I'm too late on that one," he added. "I didn't get to [that advice] fast enough ... [The song will] be a hit, but it will be about you."

Great. Now it's only a matter of time before Swift writes a song about Lachey. And maybe keeps a photo of him in her living room next to the shot of Kanye West crashing her VMA stage.

Perhaps realizing he should probably take a seat, Lachey ultimately conceded with perhaps the truest words he's ever spoken: "They're making money. They don't need our advice."

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