Today (Aug. 12) was the day of Gaga, with Mother Monster tweeting ad nauseum about her brand-new single, 'Applause.' But that didn't mean that's what the rest of the celebs were talking about.

Lady Gaga spent the day teasing her new single.

Pink decided to get revenge on hubbie Carey Hart.

Sounds like Deadmau5 is rethinking his career.

Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick bonded over grammar on Twitter.

Emma Watson likes us, she really, really likes us!

We want a poster just like Julie Bowen!

Jason Alexander doesn't want 'Breaking Bad' to end.

Meanwhile, Mindy Kaling and Ellen DeGeneres lay down ground rules for the show's spoilers.

If Zach Braff and Donald Faison had a baby, it would look like this.

Diablo Cody's child did this during a children's movie.

And James Deen's mind is either in the best place or worst place ever.

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