Madonna may not show the signs of aging on her impossibly taut face or bod, but she does show it in how she interacts with fans. Case in point: She joined Instagram like, just now.

Launching full speed ahead into the role of "friend's mom you don't quite have the heart to tell she's neither 22 nor welcome at your parties," it seems like the Material Girl isn't too familiar with the photo service's filters just yet.

However, she's quite aware of the photos that will get her attention: anything with food or drink. Oh, and anything with boobs.

She's current, you guys!

Madge posted her first, now-typically tryhard photo holding a martini and looking particularly ghoulish due to the angle and her smoky eye makeup.

"Cheers motherf---ers!" she captioned the sorority-girl-style selfie. "I'm on Instagram."

In another clearly deliberate shot, the Queen of Pop took another self portrait, this time neglecting most of her face in favor of her glistening cleavage with her mouth agape.

This caption? "Addicted to sweat!!!"

Considering we've already seen most or all of Madonna -- remember that 'Sex' book from back when she could still shock us? -- don't expect too many surprises here. Short of posing duck-lipped with Lady Gaga or taking cues from Rihanna, it doesn't look like it's going to be that intriguing.