The death of 'That '70s Show' star Lisa Robin Kelly is shrouded in mystery, and the questions keep getting darker and more frequent. Authorities have now labeled Kelly's death as "suspicious." Why is it suspected that something shady was going on?

TMZ reports that the rehabilitation facility where Kelly was being treated for alcoholism insists that she was never given any detox drugs, but toxicology reports aren't in yet -- so it's unclear whether or not that's true.

What's actually raising eyebrows? The doctor who pronounced Kelly dead at the facility said the actress died at 8:07AM on Thursday (Aug. 15), but the coroner wasn't informed until noon, when an employee of the coroner's office saw a report online about her death. Sketchy!

What's more, the doctor onsite said that Kelly died from an embolism, but the coroner ignored those reports because it's impossible to determine a death from an embolism without an autopsy.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff has ordered a security hold on Kelly's death case, which will prevent more details from being released while the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Kelly's estranged husband, Robert Gilliam, is speaking out on her passing, as well as on her addictions and medical history.

"You can't do to the human body what Lisa did, for the length of time that she did, and expect to survive," Gilliam told the National Enquirer (quote via Radar Online). "Not with the congenital heart defect, which Lisa had. Her poor little body just couldn't take all that abuse anymore."

Gilliam says when Kelly was with him, she was determined to get clean.

"Lisa called me in May 2011 and asked me if I would detox her," Gilliam revealed. "She was drinking more than a half-gallon of vodka a day. I got her off everything in six weeks."

Still, Kelly succumbed to her demons after they wed in May 2012, and their marriage was full of domestic and substance abuse.

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