Realizing it was 2013 and he has multiple movies that need plugging, Liam Hemsworth finally caved and joined Twitter, giving him yet another platform to stonewall fan questions about his relationship with Miley Cyrus.

Liam joined on June 5, sending out a pair of inaugural tweets and then going silent.


Meanwhile, endless speculation was made of who Liam decided to follow. It turns out about a quarter of his follows are accounts for film projects he's in (boring) and a few are bands he likes (he's a Floyd fan, apparently).

But the groundbreaking news? Was that Liam followed Miley.

What does it all mean? Are they back on? Are they amicably separated? Does Liam want to learn how to twerk? And, perhaps the most important question ...


Well, no. But it is clear that he didn't join the network to woo Amanda Bynes, despite her recent attempts to woo him.


If anything, he's just compiling all of her private messages in a binder that can be handed over to police in the event of his mysterious disappearance.

Detective: "What do we got?"

Officer: "Well, he was found in his apartment. This was an obvious wig strangulation, and the words 'UGLY LOSER' were written on the mirror in melted Sour Patch Kids."

Detective: "She's back. Call the district attorney ... and bring in the dancing lobsters."

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