One of the hardest working women in show business, Lady Gaga, has had to postpone four concerts due to an injury which has left her unable to walk. We see some bedazzled, blood-spattered crutches in her future.

Seems Gaga is suffering from synovitis (“severe inflammation of the joints”) and has been ordered by her doctor to lay off performing.

In response, Mother Monster had to put the kibosh on two upcoming shows in Chicago, one in Detroit and another in Hamilton, Ontario.

Gaga profusely apologized to her fans via Twitter and Facebook, explaining that she soldiered on as long as she could, but her condition has worsened to the point where she can no longer perform.

Maybe all that dancing in outrageous shoes finally caught up with her. Or maybe Kelly and Sharon Osbourne have just been busily poking pins in their Gaga voodoo doll.