Last we checked, Kris Jenner, mother of all that is unholy, doesn't have the initials "M.D." after her name. So we're not sure why the hell she was injecting spawn Kim Kardashian with anything, let alone with hormones that will cause eggs to fall from her daughter's ovaries like so much acid raid.

What we do know is that Jenner stabbed Kim in the finger with a hypodermic needle, clearly missing her intended mark, which for some reason they both found freakin' hilarious.

In a scene from the season finale of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kimmy admits that their actions were a "s--t show" and that they have no idea what they're doing.

Mrs. Kris Humphries -- they're still legally married, by the way -- says she's freezing her eggs so that when the time is right (i.e., when her 15 minutes are up), she can be prepared and procreate. And since this is a girl who scheduled her faux-wedding to precisely coincide with maximum earning potential, she does know a little something about good timing.

We're also treated to another clip of Khloe revealing that she can't get preggers because she's not ovulating. Which, as we've already said, is surely a sign from on high so WHY IS THIS FAMILY VIOLATING THE WILL OF THE GODS.

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