As we’ve all heard by now -- because when don't you hear about something that's happening to a Kardashian -- Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom have had a very difficult time conceiving a child. And while the new season of the E! reality show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ chronicles the couple's struggles with fertility treatments, we ponder whether it's a sign from on high.

During an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ this week, Khloe told anchor Lara Spencer that she “never knew all the difficulties” associated with getting pregnant. After all, her mom has “so many kids” and, as Khloe so tastefully put it, “Kourtney pops them out like a PEZ dispenser, so you think it’s, like, so easy.”

We don’t have the stomach to go into much more detail, but based on what fans have seen in the show, sister Kim has forced Khloe to face the problem head-on and seek treatment from a fertility specialist. Khloe told GMA, “It’s trial and error.”

And then, much to the delight of the people at Pepto Bismol, she said there would be more about her “in-depth” fertility treatments in upcoming episodes of the show, but made no announcements about whether or not the “trial and error” has actually been successful.

All this makes us wonder if Kourtney, who gave birth to her second child this summer, has had all the Kardashian kids the universe will allow. Seriously. Is this finally the sign that we won’t have to suffer any more of their ilk?


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