Kanye West had yet another onstage meltdown in London.

Perhaps the knowledge that the Kardashians have got him for 18 years (18 years) had something to do with it.

Performing at the Hammersmith Apollo -- the site of his 'Suit & Tie' rant -- West launched into a bunch of incoherent shrieking during 'Touch the Sky,' culminating with a spike of his mic and an abrupt exit from the stage.

While it's unclear why Yeezy has a bee in his bonnet lately, his own flagrant hypocrisy may be getting to him.

Mere days after he complained onstage about rampant commercialism in music, a magazine cover featuring West apparently fornicating with future baby mama Kim Kardashian leaked online. Klassy!

It might be baby mama's mama that stressing him out, too. Kris Jenner reportedly is eager to manage West, who seems pretty unable to manage himself.

“Kris has wanted to manage someone of Kanye's stature and talent for a very long time,” a source told Radar Online.

“She feels that it could open even bigger doors for her career, and she is always looking to expand her client base. Kris has told Kanye that she would love to be his manager -- even though he has a team in place."


The source added, “She said she would be willing to start out representing him in new endorsements and his personal life as it pertains to the reality shows ... Kris reps Khloe’s hubby, Lamar Odom in non-basketball matters."

Possibly to avoid mixing business with pleasure, if living with the Kardashians can be called that, West "politely declined." Per the source, "Kris took it well, but she will definitely approach Kanye again if she sees an opening.”

However, despite Kris’ tenacity and overwhelming desire to sink her manager claws into Kanye, the rapper is holding fast and won’t be giving in.

“Kanye won’t be pressured into anything about his career by Kris,” the source says. “He knows how to say no, and won’t be pushed into anything. Look at the announcement of Kim’s pregnancy, Kanye did that all on his own.”

He also wrote 'Perfect B----' about Kardashian all on his own. Maybe the news that he's having a daughter is what's got him so agitated.

Watch Kanye West's Onstage Meltdown

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