Kim Kardashian recently posed for an ELLE magazine shoot because it's not like she has anything better to do, and it wasn't easy for anyone involved.

Not because Kim wasn't a consummate professional (her love affair with cameras is well-documented) -- it's because no fashion houses wanted to lend the mag clothes for Kim to model. What, the Kardashian Kollection wouldn't have sufficed?

K-Dash was styled by Nicola Formichetti for the shoot, who's pretty well-known for his work with Lady Gaga. He cops the lack of clothing options to the haughtiness of haute couture.

“People wouldn’t lend me the clothes,” he explained to Radar Online. “But that’s fashion snobbery.”

Apparently she's just too cheap and low-rent for them. Paris Hilton had the same issue even when she was relevant -- designers were afraid they'd be dressing a glorified porn star.

A lack of choices aside, it turns out Kardashian is actually fairly easy to work with. A behind-the-scenes video of the shoot shows her being game for pretty much anything and showing up solo -- no Kris Jenner, no Khloe, no Kourtney, no entourage.

“I travel alone, I show up for shoots alone,” she told Formichetti (who's also now her official baby bump stylist) in the clip. “I don’t have an entourage. And I’m sick of my family right now and they are my [usual entourage]."

Well of course they are. What would they be without you? Just another wealthy family without a litany of reality shows. The horror.

As for why she wasn't on the cover? ELLE's creative director Joe Dee put it simply: She's just not interesting enough.

"Listen, Kim is a big cover star out there and if Kim had something going on in her life right now ... I just wish that she would do something, but she's not doing anything," he said. "It's about new. It's not about, so much, a reality star. The idea is, are they newsworthy? Is it someone our readers want to read about?"

For the record, the shoot reportedly took place before Kim announced she was knocked up, but what she did to get that way still might not have been terribly newsworthy without an accompanying video tape. So the translation is thus: If you're famous for being famous and having a scripted show you swear is real and people generally don't like you very much, you're not going to be a big seller.

Incidentally, Taylor Swift made the cover of the March 2013 issue. While she's just as manufactured as Kim is, she at least has a tour to promote -- and is lanky enough to fit into sample sizes.