Most celebs dress purposefully to play up their specific features and assets -- their boobs, their butts or what have you. And most of them employ stylists for everyday coffee runs and red carpet events. Pretty standard stuff.

However, while children are starving and animals linger in shelters, humanitarian and pro-creator Kim Kardashian is doling out her disposable income on stylist Nicola Formichetti to help dress her baby bump.

Formichetti, who is the creative director of Thierry Mugler and the creative force behind Lady Gaga's Haus of Gaga, explained the challenges of dressing Kardashian and her expanding waistline, which will shrink considerably in July when Kanye West's spawn enters the world in a flurry of flashbulbs and reality TV deals. God help us all.

Mama Kim is not a sample size. She's curvy, and Formichetti admitted, "Already she has a different body type than models." But he won't be deterred by Kimmy's badonkadonk or burgeoning womb. In fact, he wants to emphasize it.

"I think it's sexy when the girls have the big ass and the voluminous body," he said. "It's much sexier than skinny girls who are in tight clothes."

We do agree with that. But curves are one thing. Baby bellies are another.

Anyway, let's bring our attention back to Kim (she'd insist on it, after all). If the looks you see in the photos above and below -- not to mention what she wore on New Year's Eve -- are any indication of what Formichetti has in mind for her pregnancy styling, it's gonna be a long several months indeed.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant in Sheer Black
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