After two splits in under a year, Katy Perry thinks the third time with John Mayer will be the charm. To help hedge her bets a little, though, she's established some ground rules that we're sure he'll follow for a week or so.

Life & Style reports that Perry, 28, has demanded that Mayer, 35, abide by a few new ultimatums.

First up? He should probably stop texting other broads. A source close to the 'Firework' yelper said, "Getting rid of his old girlfriends’ numbers and no more texting them! John had tons of random girls texting him when he was with Katy before."

Oh. Wonder why that didn't work out.

The source added that Perry also demanded to be wined and dined more often. "Katy wants more dinners and date nights, and for him to be more romantic with her," the source said.

Is it working? That's to be determined -- but they were spotted together on June 23 dining at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City, then again at the Friars Foundation Annual Applause Gala the next day.

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