Actor and singer Jared Leto is no stranger to drag, having dropped a serious amount of weight and shaved his eyebrows for a role in the upcoming 'Dallas Buyer's Club,' but looking like Katy Perry? Is most likely new to him.

Leto is known for playing the dreamy Jordan Catalano in the short-lived cult TV show 'My So-Called Life,' and then shattering that image with his role in the trippy 'Requiem for a Dream,' where (spoilers!) he does a lot of heroin and loses everything he loves, including some appendages. He is also the frontman for the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars and directed the documentary 'Artifact,' which recounts the band's fight with Virgin Records.

Perry is, of course, the multi-hued hair chameleon known for wearing wacky clothes and singing about fireworks, aliens, and kissing girls (and liking it). She also occasionally uses her boobs as dessert projectiles. And now she's known for looking like Jared Leto in drag on a magazine cover.

Hey, there are worse things in this world.

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