Katy Perry is Vogue's July cover model, and as part of discussing what she does and doesn't like about herself, the 'Fireworks' singer was caught on video getting her makeup done -- partially by herself, but largely by a professional team.

"I love a good paint. I have alright lips and alright cheekbones, but they're no show-offs," she said. "If I can get my eyes and brows right, that really sets off the whole face."

"My skin used to be a lot worse than it is, so we would do a lot more coverage because I was insecure ... And you know when you're insecure about your skin, you just do a lot more," Perry explained of her more "dramatic" past looks, as well as her prior role as a Proactiv spokeswoman.

"I think we're coming into a more age-appropriate feel of experimenting," Perry admitted, which could mean her days of wild-colored wigs and shooting whipped cream out of her boobs are over. (We blame John Mayer for this.)