Katy Perry called out rapper Chief Keef on Twitter indirectly upon hearing his track 'I Hate Being Sober.' She doesn't like that song or that message.

Except, you know, when she's the one delivering it.

Perry expressed her disgust in 140 characters or less, apparently expecting the apocalypse to be nigh upon hearing the song on the radio. (If Perry actually did some research into 17-year-old Chief Keef's other questionable life decisions, she'd probably even more depressed about the future than this song made her.)

This would be kind of admirable -- if the 'Firework' singer wasn't guilty of sending the same exact message and scoring a No. 1 hit with it herself.

Lest we forget, Perry has a song called 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' about getting blackout drunk every weekend, so color us surprised when she called out a rapper for releasing a track about how much he loves being wasted.

Maybe it's just cuter when a girl dressed as a Smurf does it.

Listen to Chief Keef, 'I Hate Being Sober'