Given all the trouble he's been in lately, pint-sized comedian Katt Williams seems to be on a one-man quest to become the world's newest media sensation.

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but dude is really pushing the limits here.

Last week, Williams lead police on a wild chase through Sacramento, Calif. while on his three-wheeled Batman-esque motorcycle. Despite Williams taking off his helmet and yelling "I'm not going to stop!" and then driving like he was in England, cops eventually called off the pursuit for “public safety reasons.”

So what do you do after you scare police enough that they won't even chase you anymore? You go to Target and slap a cashier, of course.

No word on what preceded the incident, but based on the above video, it looks like the employee wanted none of it.

According to a witness, while the sore-faced employee called law enforcement, Williams drove off in an electric Target cart before hopping back on his bizarre motorcycle and riding off into the night.

Dun nu nun nu nun nu nun nu, Kat Williams!

You'd think he'd lie low after all that, but not so much. Instead, he got into a bar fight in Seattle and was (finally) arrested on Sunday night.

The altercation came to a head when he "brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business," and then followed a family outside, tossed a lit cigarette at a woman's eye, and later threw a rock at her car.

Williams was arrested for harassment, assault and threatening police (with that same pool cue). He was bailed out by his tour manager Suge Knight who, given his own experience with law enforcement, probably wanted little to do with the whole thing.

It's a new week, Katt. Whatcha got for us now?