Katt Williams

Teflon Man
You may remember that back in late November, comedian Katt Williams resisted arrest and took police on a wild goose chase on a strange three-wheeled motorcycle that he may have stolen from Bruce Wayne.
Well he finally went to court over it, only to somehow magically avoid jail time. He must have had …
Katt's Big Break
We know it's hard to keep track of all of Katt Williams' charges since he seems to get arrested every 10 minutes, but he got a pretty sweet break on one of them.
The oft-cuffed comic won't face criminal charges for child endangerment following cops finding, oh, you know, just drugs and…
So Taxing
In addition to owing his fans apologies for beating and slapping them, the IRS says Katt Williams owes the government $4 million in unpaid taxes.
Which begs the question: Jesus, how much does this dude make?
The Hits Keep Coming
Warning to anyone who plans to attend a Katt Williams show: You might get a beatdown, and it'll be your own fault. Kind of. Sort of.
Okay, not really.
Aaaand He's Back
A mere four days ago comedian Katt Williams tearfully retired from stand-up after his stay in Seattle went bad. And by "went bad" we mean the police did not appreciate him terrorizing families at a local restaurant.
I'm Out
After being arrested in a restaurant for attacking a family with a burning cigarette, harassing customers, throwing rocks and just generally being a nuisance to the city of Seattle, comedian Katt Williams is retiring from comedy.
For all eternity.
Comedic Tragedy
Given all the trouble he's been in lately, pint-sized comedian Katt Williams seems to be on a one-man quest to become the world's newest media sensation.
They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but dude is really pushing the limits here.