Kanye West couldn't bring any 'New Slaves' to Houston, Texas.

The future Kim Kardashian baby daddy planned to project his new video on the outside walls of Houston's Rothko Chapel, Central Library and George Bush Monument, per an announcement on Twitter:

It was a second round of the same projections he did last week worldwide. However, Houston had a problem -- several, actually -- with Yeezy's clip.

Local police shut down the projections at the Rothko Chapel, even though the crowd was said to be relatively calm and respectful. The Houston Chronicle reports that cops told the audience that if they stuck around, they'd be charged with trespassing.

The Central Library screening was cancelled because of technical difficulties and rescheduled ... but cops shut down the rescheduled time too.

As for the screening at the Bush Monument?

One witness explained, "All we saw were the sprinklers come on and obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats."

It was probably for the best. West isn't a big fan of the Bush dynasty anyway.