Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may have even egos bigger than the latter's derriere, but that doesn't mean they don't have senses of humor about themselves.

Case in point? The rumored name of their Kimye spawn ... which we're hoping to God (more on that in a second) is a joke.

Metro reports that West is rumored to have been brainstorming baby names while at Paris Fashion Week, and so far his favorite is -- wait for it -- North.

As in, North West.

He wants to name his child after a territory. Great.

It's unclear if that's going to sit well with the Kardashian Klan, who are notorious for opting for "K" names, not just for themselves, but apparently for their baby daddies as well.

And remember how we hoped to God it was false? In Yeezy's mind, we may be hoping to him. It's rumored that not only may his tot have a ridiculous moniker, but his next album may have a title just as eyeroll inducing: 'I Am God.'

A source told The Sun (via Inquisitr), “Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title. He also has a sense of humor though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true.”

And all of what makes us want to kringe.

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