Former 'Jersey Shore' participants Snooki and JWoww have some healthy advice for all the single ladies on Valentine's Day: Get over yourself and then get wasted. Which is pretty much the type of advice you'd expect them to dig from the depths of their breast implants hearts.

“I can’t stand girls who are like crying home alone eating chocolate. Get over it and go have fun,” JWoww suggested, with Snooki adding in the oh-so-helpful, “Go out and get wasted with your girlfriends. Just have fun.”

Depressed? Fix that right up with some liquid depressants! That'll solve everything. Trust them, they've been there and look where they are now. Turning 60 and looking good, that's where.

While the two ladies are currently engaged (not to each other but we're surprised MTV didn't pull that stunt), that doesn't mean they don't have horror stories from Valentine's Days past.

Said JWoww, “I got dumped on Valentine’s Day about six years ago. He had two girlfriends, so he didn’t want to buy two gifts.”

“What do you expect from a juicehead? I bet he’s kicking himself now. Loser,” Snooki retorted.

Their advice may not seem very sound, but hey, if anyone knows what a holiday abbreviated "VD" is all about, it's these two.

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