Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has gone through a real transformation. After she and fiance Jionni LaValle had their son Lorenzo, she needed baby advice but didn't feel most of it was useful. So now she's written a book, 'Baby Bumps', to rectify that for other moms-to-be.

"When I was pregnant, I feel like there were no really good baby books out there to help me out. So I used a lot of apps. I read stories with other moms on mom blogs," she told Celebuzz. "But I felt like I needed something that was very relatable and I felt like there was nothing out there like that."

And there are few people more relatable than Snooki, so she somehow convinced publishers to let her write another book. (Gallery Books has already printed three Snooki efforts, including 'Gorilla Beach.' No Pulitzers yet.)

So what's it like to have a baby? "We're talking about peeing yourself, sh--ting yourself, the pain you go through but still looking fabulous," she said, adding that she was inspired by the book of another bastion of reason and sensibility: Jenny McCarthy.

"I love [her] book, so I kind of got inspired by that ... So hopefully it will be relatable for other pregnant ladies." (The McCarthy influence can be seen in Chapter 5, Why Baby Tanning Booths Are Safer Than Vaccines.)

But don't worry -- the book will also feature a testosterone, gelled-hair perspective from Snook's fiance Jionni. "Basically, he's just saying, 'Tell your wife she's always correct. If she cries, tell her she looks great. And just be a princess to her for the nine months,'" Polizzi mused.

Snooki hopes this effort will be an even bigger hit than her first book, 'A Shore Thing,' which hit the New York Times' bestseller list (and confirmed everything you were afraid to admit about modern-day America).

'Baby Bumps' hits fine booksellers everywhere in January of 2014.

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