Justin Bieber tested out the new Instagram video feature yesterday (June 20). And as many people have noticed, it didn't seem like he was just high on life at the time. Quelle surprise.

The short video features a shirtless Biebs (of course) talking to the camera about some very "crazy news." Specifically that Instagram now has video.

Obviously in a room full of his admiring posse, Bieber can't help but giggle while imparting this world-breaking news, but he continues anyway before giggling some more and running out of time (Instagram vids can be a max of 15 seconds long).

The lesson here? You should never wake, bake and Instagram video.

The clip, which comes with the oh-so-witty caption "Hahaha," already has over 1 million likes and roughly 170,000 comments at the time of this writing. But we're betting Justin would trade 'em all for a bag of Cheetos.