It's not easy to be Jessica Simpson: Sure, she's wealthy and gorgeous, but she has an underemployed groom-to-be, a Weight Watchers contract that's not going to work out so well and no real grasp of how the reproductive system works.

Now she also has a dad who's really hungry for her cash, to the point of potentially depriving it from her fiance and baby.

Radar Online reports that Papa Joe Simpson took our a life insurance policy under his daughter Jessica's name about eight years ago -- and listed himself as her only heir, because of course he did.

The really sketchy part? Jess and her mom, Tina, only found out about this week. Slick, Simpson Senior. Joe and Jess seemed to put their differences aside at Cacee Cobb's wedding to Donald Faison, but we're not expecting that to last long after this revelation.

Tina, who's in process of divorcing Joe, only learned of the deal in a meeting with her attorneys and the family's business manager, David Levin.

“Tina found out about yet another one of Joe’s secrets and couldn’t believe what she was hearing,” a source told Radar.

“It was pointed out to Tina that as Jessica's manager Joe wasn't doing anything underhanded by taking out a policy to protect his biggest income source, but she was absolutely furious that Joe did it without consulting her or Jessica."

The source added, “Joe’s actions have put a massive strain on the family, and it’s only getting worse. It’s hard to see that Tina and Joe will ever be amicable with each other again and the divorce case is shaping up to be very messy."

Considering Joe Simpson allegedly left Tina for a dude, we'd say it's pretty messy already.

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