She may be the face of Weight Watchers for now, but the second Jessica Simpson starts blowing up with that pregnancy weight, she might be dropped like a sack of potatoes.

And at around five Weight Watchers points each, that's a whole lotta potatoes.

According to Us Weekly, company executives are "furious" that she got herself knocked up again so quickly.

You'll recall she just had daughter Maxwell eight months ago, and subsequently dropped 70 pounds with the help of a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers (and a squadron of personal and dietary assistants).

"She was already on thin ice since she didn't lose enough for the first ad, [so] they had to shoot from the waist up,” a source claims of Simpson's first commercial for the company, in which no full-body shots were shown.

A friend of Simpson's denies all that, saying, "It was Weight Watchers' idea to shoot her from the waist up the first time."

Camera angles aside, now that her uterus is occupied again, she might be canned altogether. "They don't think [more ads] can run," the insider said. "No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting."

During her first pregnancy -- which seemingly lasted so long that many of us thought she just might birth a belugua whale -- Simpson made no secret of the fact that she was reveling in a license to eat, saying her favorite foods included buttered Pop Tarts, Cap'n Crunch cereal, cheesecake, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

That sound you just heard? Was a Weight Watchers executive passing out cold.

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