'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' is known for its ridiculous off-the-wall sketches, and this one -- featuring Fallon and special guest Brad Pitt yodeling -- is no exception.

Hashtag yodel. No really, that's the hashtag that they flashed at the end of the bit: #yodel. Or since this was all done to promote Brad's new apocalyptic zombie flick 'World War Z,' maybe it's YODEL, as in You Only Die Every Lifetime. (Nailed it!)

The sketch features Fallon retiring to his rooftop to yodel (like you do) when he happens to hear someone yodeling back -- who just happens to be Brad Pitt. And after the pair converse via yodel about all things great and small, Brad suggests a double yodel.

Check out the video for all the yodeling and lip-syncing goodness. And if it all seems super far-fetched, just remember this is probably the least weird thing that's ever happened on a New York City rooftop.

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