Jennifer Lawrence is an adorably awkward open book -- so much so that when she went on 'Conan' Tuesday night to promote her movie 'Silver Linings Playbook,' she told the late-night host about the time she made John Stamos so uncomfortable, he probably took out a restraining order against her.

The discussion began when Conan asked Lawrence which celebrity she's met that most “blew her mind," and she surprisingly replied, "John Stamos." Which is not something John Stamos likely hears very often.

What follows is a story of Stamos being forced to meet a star-struck Lawrence at a party, who could do no more than stare at him and repeatedly call him by the name of his 'Full House' counterpart, Uncle Jesse. So of course he asked if she was on mushrooms.

It was an odd question, especially from a guy whose ads for Oikos Greek Yogurt imply that eating it will make any guy look like him. And they don't even have a mushroom flavor.