During the question and answer section of the Oscars Nominee Lunch, Best Actress contender and everyone's celebrity BFF Jennifer Lawrence entertained the assembled journalists by revealing how her family plans to spend the night of the Oscars: drunk.

But that's okay. She won't be driving. She'll be carpooling with Sally Field anyway.

Right now Lawrence says her nomination hasn't sunk in and everyone is mostly reserved around her household, but pretty soon, it'll be on. “The night of the Oscars, [my family] just gets wasted and has a blast,” she told reporters.

During the luncheon itself, Lawrence got to talking with Best Supporting Actress nominee Field about how tiring award season is, at which point Sally suggested the ladies start carpooling to make things interesting.

Lawrence gushed, “Sally Field asking me to carpool to some cocktail party ... Carpooling with Sally Field. Make my dreams come true.”

“And all of us just unload: Hathaway, Watts, Chastain, me! Like a clown car. It’ll be a lot more fun that way, and more intense."

We call shotgun. Or hell, just give us the keys and we'll drive.