After doing a Nicki Minaj song for her TV show 'Glee,' actress Jane Lynch showed off just how adept her rap skills are on the March 4 episode of 'Conan.'

When urged to perform an encore of Minaj's hit 'Super Bass' (which will appear on an upcoming episode of 'Glee'), Lynch did not disappoint, immediately launching into the first verse for Conan O'Brien and his delighted audience.

We'd really love to see how she tackles that bridge.

Once she finished and was given her much-deserved ups, Lynch proudly proclaimed, “I know, it took me so long. I worked so hard on that,” adding it's just the sort of thing that no one would expect from a “six-foot white lady.”

Hear that, little British girls that Ellen Degeneres loves so much? You have some stiff competition.