We may not know exactly how the late Cory Monteith's 'Glee' character, Finn, is going to leave the show, but we do know that -- according to co-star Jane Lynch -- his memorial episode is going to be a beautiful thing.

Lynch got around to reading the third episode's script last week and tweeted just what she thought about the writing:

Before seeing said script, Lynch previously mentioned that the filming experience was "Gonna be awful. It's gonna be terrible. It has to be done but it's gonna be awful."

As previously reported, the episode will not see Monteith's character dying of an overdose (which is how Finn's real life counterpart died) although that was considered. Instead, it will be a way for the cast, crew and even fans to grieve.

"After that, we're going to take two weeks or three weeks down to get our heads together because it's been a really hard thing to write," revealed Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly. "We loved Cory and we loved Finn, and it feels like a huge loss and a huge heartache not to have either of them around."

As for how everyone is dealing with the loss of Monteith, Lynch previously told Us Weekly that "Everybody's doing differently. You know, it's tough."

"Everybody had a relationship with him, and we all express our grief in different ways so I'll only speak for myself. I love him and I honor [him], and every day I go to work, I walk by his trailer and I go, 'He should be in there.'"

'Glee' season 5 will air on FOX starting Sept. 26, with the third episode in the series being devoted to Monteith.

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