What would happen if Justin Timberlake were Iron Man? Or, more accurately, if Robert Downey Jr. (who is pretty much just Iron Man these days) performed JT's 'Suit and Tie' as Tony Stark -- complete with hilarious new lyrics?

Answer: It would be our new favorite parody.

Luckily for everyone, this does not live in the land of hypothetical situations and instead exists on that magical corner of the internet known as YouTube.

Dressed in a suit with his arc reactor and metal gloves on, a Tony Stark look-alike sings about said arc reactor, deals with his nemesis the Mandarin, and allows his buddy Rhodey (in place of Jay-Z) to rap and show off his War Machine armor.

Make sure you sing along to the fabulous chorus:

"And as long as I got my suits that fly / Imma put 'em on and soar tonight / Gonna get messed up if we fight / Gonna blow up a few things"

"My 42 fits extra tight / Ladies love it when I take flight / 20 20 vision in my helmet sights / Let me blow up a few things / Let me blow up a few things with my gloves"

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