Shock-jock Howard Stern shared a photo of himself eating his lunch this week, but he wasn't eating it the good old-fashioned way with a fork in his hand -- but rather, with a fork in his foot.

Either he's been marathoning 'Planet of the Apes' and got inspired, or he has far too much time to practice using his feet as hands.

Stern shared the photo on Twitter along with the caption, "Time for a snack," even referring to his little piggies as "the Heidi Klum of feet."

We couldn't agree more, those are some pretty nice feet. Which brings to mind a lot of questions.

Are they stunt-double feet? Has Howard Stern just been trying to cover up the fact that he's really a foot model? Where does he get his pedicures?

And most importantly -- do you have to look like Howard Stern to get picture-perfect feet like that?