Howard Stern

Icy Shade
Kid Rock expressed his true feelings about miniature Canadian pop stars this week while appearing on the Howard Stern show, saying Justin Bieber is in store for a "long ride down."
Photo of the Week
Shock-jock Howard Stern shared a photo of himself eating his lunch this week, but he wasn't eating it the good old-fashioned way with a fork in his hand -- but rather, with a fork in his foot.
Either he's been marathoning 'Planet of the Apes' and got inspired, or he has far too mu…
Late-Night Shuffle
With the news that Jimmy Fallon will soon take over 'The Tonight Show' so Jay Leno can finally retire (again), someone will have to fill Fallon's time slot.
Who will it be? If insiders are to be believed, none other than shock-jock and 'America's Got Talent' host Howard Stern.
After all, he's proven …
Team Kelly
Shockjock Howard Stern has sided with Kelly Clarkson in her fight against Clive Davis about his memoir 'The Soundtrack of My Life,' which she says includes incorrect information about her.
Quality Brand
Russell Brand is remaining a mensch following his divorce from Katy Perry.
The 'Brand X' host has yet to say a bad or dirty word about the pop starlet, even when egged on by the perversely curious Howard Stern. (Seriously, Stern -- you're married to Beth Ostrosky. Do you really need to…
Stern Is Sorry
Last week, Howard Stern said some pretty nasty things about Golden Globe-winning actress and writer Lena Dunham, but just a few days later, he issued an apology.
And not long after that, he got to issue another mea culpa -- to Dunham herself.
'Girls' Aren't Rapists
Of all of the legitimate reasons to dislike HBO's 'Girls' -- the mediocre acting, the mediocre writing, the inexplicable lack of minorities in Brooklyn, N.Y., the hipster stereotypes, the ubiquitous hype, the innumerable connections of the cast and crew -- Howard Stern doesn't like it because Lena D…