'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson is coming to the defense of Kristen Stewart, who, as you may be aware, came under a crapload of backlash after getting caught cozying up to her married director while she was still dating Robert Pattinson.

"Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world," Watson told Italian Vanity Fair (via The Examiner).

While a lot of stars do use magic powder, it usually makes their lives a little worse in the long run. And sometimes ruins their sinuses.

In any case, Watson explained, "For these people, Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it."

To be fair, Stewart didn't just ruin her own life -- she also messed up Pattinson's pretty badly for a while. And although Rupert Sanders is the only person truly responsible for his dissolving marriage to Liberty Ross, Stewart was a willing participant in that, too.

"I don't know how to explain it, but it sure isn't perfect," Watson vented.

"I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she's so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It's not fair to consider them matters of public interest."

That is, until you get sloppy and have a married dude feel you up in public where photographers can find you. But we digress.

Emma added, "On one hand, I can understand why it happened: people felt really involved in her relationship with Robert Pattinson. But it's also true that they both have done everything in their power to keep their relationship as far from the public eye as possible."

She does have a point about the privacy aspect, but perhaps if Stewart were more talented or likable in general, the vitriol wouldn't be so venomous. It's not like she was America's sweetheart before she was caught sucking face with Sanders (Twihards aside), so it shouldn't be such a shock that it bit her in the ass later on.

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