We thought it was because this witchy woman is so good at waving that wand and casting spooky spells. But no, Emma Watson is the most dangerous celebrity in the world  -- the World Wide Web, that is -- because if you search for her name, you have a good chance of ending up at a malicious site.

The internet security titans at McAfee do a study every year to find out which celebrity names are most likely to lead you to virus-laden sites if you search for them online. This year, for some random unknown reason, Emma Watson topped the eclectic list, meaning one out of every eight sites linked to an Emma Watson search could give your computer a virus or result in having your personal information stolen.

We hope this doesn't reflect badly on the likable ‘Harry Potter’ star. We don’t want to see the good name of Emma Watson marred by some webby jerks. It’s not like the actual Emma Watson will give you a virus, just sites with her name in them.

And she’s hardly the only one. Other names on the Most Dangerous list include Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Selena Gomez and Megan Fox (but really, if you’re searching for Megan Fox, you deserve what you get). That said, we're definitely surprised there aren't more "adult" names on the list.

The good news? If you end up with a virus because you were searching for Ms. Watson, maybe she’ll come wave that wand at your computer and -- poof! -- it'll be magically eradicated.

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