Remember how Emma Roberts beat the snot out of her boyfriend and 'American Horror Story' co-star Evan Peters? Yeah? Well don't you worry! It's just because they love each other so much.

That sounds healthy, doesn't it?

A source told Us Weekly, "They're a couple young kids. Their romance is pretty extreme. They just behave in a way that's very passionate."

The source added that they're "inseparable," but failed to explain just how or why leaving one another bruised, battered and bloodied is the result of some great 'Wuthering Heights'-style romance.

Still, despite her arrest, Roberts, 22, and Peters, 26, aren't going to split. "They will not break up," another insider revealed. "When they are good, they are crazy in love."

Is it us or does that sound less like "a couple of crazy kids" and more like a cycle of abuse?

And is it us or is Emma Roberts actually this chick?