If you were watching the Michigan/Notre Dame game on Saturday night, it might have seemed odd that halftime featured the premiere of Eminem's video for his new song 'Berzerk' -- and even odder that Em himself showed up for an incredibly awkward interview in the broadcast booth.

Clips from the interview show the erstwhile Marshall Mathers looking like a deer in headlights while sportscasters Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit ask him generic questions. And yeah, everyone knows Em is a Michigan native, but he still seemed terribly out of place.

"I'm really uncomfortable right now," he confessed. "Live TV freaks me out a little bit."

The older men asked him some questions about his upcoming album, 'Marshall Mathers II,' due out in November, but Em wouldn't say much about it other than it's "kind of a revisit to the first 'Marshall Mathers' album" and that he'll be really excited to be "done with it."

Em recovered nicely, though, by proving he knows his sportscasters -- he heaped praise on Musburger, saying he'd be on Em's "All-Announcer team."

"You're a legend," the rapper said to Musburger. "You, my friend, are the legend," Musburger replied.

Aaaaaand it was back to the awkward.

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