Channing Tatum was on a variety show in Spain called 'El Hormiguero,' and while there, he had his butt handed to him in a game of basketball with a toddler.

And it's not even like he let the kid win because that's just what you do.

Tatum's opponent was a two-year-old boy named Titus Ashby, the "trick-shot toddler" who you may have seen on a few other variety shows around the world (including 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and 'Fox & Friendsm' where they may have made him cry).

The two go head to head to see who can make more jump shots, and spoiler: Tatum loses spectacularly. In his defense, it's because he's an actor and not a basketball player. His words, not ours.

It's cool, though. There's no shame in being worse than a toddler at something -- especially when it's this adorable.

You can check out the entire video above (English subtitles not included).

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