There's no doubt that Ed Sheeran and Joe Jonas are talented musicians. While Ed is known for his insightful lyrics and Joe has success with both his brothers and as a solo act, these guys know how to tug fans' heartstrings. Which of these singers is more swoon-worthy?

Ed's laidback vibe is a perfect match for his emotional songs. His disarming charm woos fans. He doesn't need an over-the-top show -- his talent is enough to captivate an audience of Taylor Swift proportions! We love how he's still remained humble, even after performing with Elton John. Ed, anytime you want to serenade us, we'll be waiting!

Joe proved there is nothing he can't conquer. From best-selling albums to the hit 'Camp Rock' franchise to scripted and reality shows, this Jonas can do it all! It's hard to name just one thing we love about Joe, but we have to admit, we can't resist a family guy. His strong relationship with his three brothers is adorable.

Which of these singers has you weak in the knees? Vote in the poll below!

Ed Sheeran

Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Joe Jonas

Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

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