Veteran actor Ed Asner, 83, was rushed to a hospital on Tuesday after he struggled with lines during a performance of his one-man show 'FDR' in Gary, Ind.

Fifteen minutes into the program, Asner had trouble with his dialogue and couldn't continue. He apologized to the audience before leaving the stage and being taken to a nearby hospital, The Sun reports.

After the scare, TMZ caught up with Asner's son Matt, who assured us that his dad's okay: "He is being assessed right now and what I can say is that it was not a stroke. That much we do know."

"He was feeling under the weather for a few weeks so he may just need some rest but for now he is just fine."

Ed is a seasoned character actor best known for his work on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and its spin-off, 'Lou Grant.' But in 2009 a whole new generation was introduced to him when he voiced the balloon-loving Carl Fredricksen in the Pixar smash 'Up.'

Asner tweeted out a status update himself on Wednesday afternoon: