The internet was in an uproar last night when Diddy tweeted that he would become a recurring cast member on the stiff-upper-lip British drama 'Downton Abbey,' even though PBS was all "nuh-uh" and denied the whole thing.

But the erstwhile Puff Daddy wasn't lying. What he actually meant was that he was playing a cast member on a Funny or Die parody video about the lauded show.

Good work on the publicity stunt. Hashtag DowntonDiddy.

After sharing the news, Diddy began to retweet love from his fans, who congratulated him on the casting and on breaking down race barriers in television ... only to find out they had been duped. (By the way, the FoD spoof was born as the result of an announcement that 'Downton Abbey,' which is already three seasons deep, would be adding its first black character.)

Watch the hilarious video to see Diddy in action on 'Downtown Abbey,' as he calls it -- and you'll learn that Sean Combs was the first black actor to be included in the show all along.

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