After becoming besties with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, former pro basketball player Dennis Rodman has set his sights on the Vatican, where he will meet his new pal: the Pope. Or so he claims.

We sure hope he gets the job done, because the threat of nuclear warfare from the Vatican is scaring the hell out of us.

Rodman seems to be under the impression that the new Pope (who will soon be elected) would love to meet him, because as he told TMZ, his “people” have been in touch with Rome and are in the midst of creating a one-on-one sitdown between Rodman and the yet-unknown pontiff.

The locale of this exclusive meet-up? Probably Rodmanland, which our GPS tells us is floating around somewhere in the space between the flamboyant baller's ears.

"I want to be anywhere in the world that I'm needed ... I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world," Rodman said of his unorthodox plans, which include bringing peace to the Vatican. No, seriously.

He says his newfound passion for world tranquility comes from his meeting in North Korea, when he realized he could foster diplomacy between the communist country and the US. Except that he likely can't.

If Rodman's wishes don't come true, those matching friendship bracelets he and Kim Jong Un have sure are going to look silly.