Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is known for sometimes being too weird to function, but it's crossed some strange line that we didn't even think existed with its own live-action late night television offering 'The Eric Andre Show.'

The premise is simple: Invite a celebrity to appear (in this instance, Demi Lovato), don't warn them about anything the host is about to do, and let the hijinx begin.

In the video above, you'll see comedian Andre, who takes his inspiration from the cartoon 'Space Ghost,' attempting to mock low-budget cable access shows and scaring Lovato in the process. Either she's a pretty decent actress, or she really does have absolutely no idea what's happening.

As Lovato is ushered onstage to no applause (because Andre only pretends there's an audience), the 'X Factor' judge has to deal with wolf howls, a strobe light and a fog machine because this is a 'New Year's Eve Spooktacular Special.' Whatever that means.

She and Andre are then handed plates of spaghetti and meatballs that the host eats while basically just naming movies that Lovato has starred in as she watches him with an uncomfortable expression.

And since that isn't bizarre enough, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach interrupts the interview to ask how things are going, yelling at Lovato, “What do you think about my legs!?!”

To which the regretfully-tattooed starlet responds, “Hold on? What is going on?”

Things eventually prove to be too much for Lovato, who leaves in confusion after everyone counts down from 10 for no reason, Andre tries to test her thetan levels (which she construes as “Satan levels”) and he is shot while screaming, “BLAST OFF!”

You know what? We've officially changed our minds. This is the best interview of all time. (Yes, Kanye. OF ALL TIME.)

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