She's not even old enough to drink yet, but newly-christened 'The X Factor' judge Demi Lovato already has a dozen tattoos -- and now kinda wishes she didn't.

The 20-year-old singer and actress has ink behind an ear and on her side, wrists, arms and hands. There's even a website devoted to all her tats with photos and the meaning behind each one.

But now she says some of them were impulsive, pointing to a replica of a friend's lips on the inside of her left forearm and calling it "a spur of the moment, stupid decision."

"I've thought about it before because, you know, when I get older I don't know if I want to have 'rock and roll' on my middle finger," she added during an appearance on 'LIVE! With Kelly and Michael.' "But I'm young and I can rock it now. When I get older, I can worry about it [then]."

Of course, she has advantages other people her age don't. Between Lovato's reported $1 million payday for the 'X Factor' gig and a successful recording and acting career, chances are good she'll never have to hide her ink to look presentable for an office job.

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