Singer Demi Lovato won't be touring her newest album 'Demi' (out now on iTunes, according to things she's screamed at Ben Stiller) -- and it may be partially Simon Cowell's fault.

Seems that because of her commitment to the newest season of 'X Factor' and an upcoming tonsilectomy, Miss Lovato won't be bringing her new songs to a stadium or open field near you.

"Right now there are no plans to tour in the UK or anywhere -- not even in the US," Lovato told Digital Spy of the sad panda-making news, adding, "You never know, I say that now and then I'll end up going on tour! I've got so many commitments and this summer I'm getting my tonsils out, so there's a whole process with that."

That said, Londoners can see Lovato on May 31 for a one-time show, so at least there's that. "Things could be worse!" Lovato chirped.

We dunno, Demi. Spending your summer having surgery and then being locked in a room with Simon Cowell sounds pretty horrific to us.

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