What happens when Demi Lovato sees Ben Stiller outside of a studio?

Similar stuff that happens to girls in short skirts when they pass creepy truckers. But in the best way.

Lovato was the passenger in a car lucky enough to pass by NBC studios on Monday (May 20), and 'Zoolander' himself, Stiller, was lurking around outside filming scenes from 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.'

In a video she titled 'I Found Ben Stiller!', the 'X Factor' judge went nuts upon seeing Stiller, and it was simultaneously obnoxious and adorable.

"Say hi to Jimmy Fallon!" she yelled out the car window.

And despite her album sales being pretty stellar, Lovato advertised her new record anyway. "Ben Stiller! Buy my new album on iTunes! It's out now!" she plugged shamelessly. "It'll give you a 'Heart Attack!'" she giggled.

Finally, Demz summed up our sentiments: "F--- yeah!" (Oh don't act like you wouldn't have said it, too.)

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