Ask any fan of the sitcom 'Friends' which character was the coolest, and pretty much no one will say it was paleontologist Ross Geller. And thanks to a dispute about a New York building, the actor who played him -- David Schwimmer -- is unpopular with a lot of people off-screen, too.

Seems a few years ago, Schwimmer bought a historic 1852 Tuscan-inspired townhouse, tore it down, and constructed a new building in its place. This made some of the locals exceedingly unhappy, and even though it's been quite a while since it happened, resentment apparently lingers -- because earlier this week, someone wrote "ROSS IS NOT COOL" in spray paint on a piece of plywood next to his house.

It's since been painted over, but not before a member of local community blog Ev Grieve posted a photo of the impromptu protest.

"You have got to be kidding me. David Schwimmer, your karma is f---ed forever in the east village," one Ev Grieve user wrote in the comments. "Please just get the f--- out of here and go to the west village … maybe there are still some unprotected historic treasures over there for you to demolish."

However, someone on Gawker posted before and after pics of the building in question, and Schwimmer seems to have his share of defenders, too.

"I actually like the new one much better," one person said. "Also, paleontologists are always cool."

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