Apparently Christina Aguilera forgot it wasn’t Halloween on ‘The Voice’ this week and accidentally wore a costume. Except it seems like she was very deliberate about this look.

As in, she did it to herself on purpose. With a team. That she paid.

Donning what appears to be the same fancy Burger King-esque crown and perhaps even the same wig from her completely random Halloween costume, Xtina showed up for work on ‘The Voice’ and even got up on stage to sing a song from her newly released album ‘Lotus.’

And, based on her 'Get the Look' blog post, it appears we’re all supposed to want to look as -- let's call it "crazy chic" -- as she does.

According to the advice from her makeup artist and stylist, if you do want to try this at home -- though we don’t recommend it, but if you do, for the love of all things holy, stay home -- all you have to do is channel "a villain from Strawberry Shortcake" and wear fun and sexy clothes designed by exclusive couture designers. Easy!

And then there's the 'do (or should we say "don't"), which her hairstylist lovingly describes as an "explosion of texture and volume" that "everyone fantasizes about" and that made "the hair on my arms stand up."

In sum, you need fruity make-up, an overpriced outfit and scary witch hair.

And quite a bit of courage.

And probably a helluva lot of vodka.

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