Seems Channing Tatum is taking a break from his busy schedule of ab-flashing, breakdancing and pants-dropping to open a New Orleans restaurant called Saints and Sinners. We'd rather he stick to what he knows best but, hey, he's expanding his horizons. And for that, we offer him a polite (if disappointed) golf clap.

When news broke of Tatum's plans to become a restauranteur, visions of six-packs, biceps and groins danced in our heads. But put your singles away -- it's not that kind of place.

Or is it?

Maybe. According to the website, Saints and Sinners, where "the red light is always on," will offer "sumptuous food," a "sexy atmosphere" and a "sinfully good time." Kinda corny, but we'll bite (not too hard, though, because we're caring that way).

Full details of the restaurant haven't been made public just yet, but it's got a prime spot on Bourbon Street right in the heart of NOLA, and is in the process of hiring its bartenders and servers. No word on whether they'll need 'Magic Mike'-style dance skills.

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